Swimming Programs

When looking into a swimming program for your choice of schools, there are some things you will want to consider when it comes to the health and well-being of your children. Not all swimming pool sanitation systems are created equal. You may want to consider this when choosing the appropriate swim program for your boarding school pupil.

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Pool Chlorine Friend or Foe?

Chlorine has largely been over time the popular choice for disinfection of swimming pools. However, recently there has been concern about the long-term effects of commercial chlorine products on the health of regular swimmers and users of pools heavily treated with this method of sanitation.

Some facts that many people do not realize is that commercial chlorine tablets, granules, and liquid products contain as much as 90% additional ingredients including stabilizers, besides chlorine. These additional additives often cause significant irritation, fading of fabrics, breathing irritation, changes in hair color and may pose a health risk to regular users.


There are alternatives to standard chlorination methods being used to sanitize pool water. Here are a few.

  • Salt Chlorine Generators
  • Bromine
  • Ozone
  • Ionizers

Each of these systems has benefits and drawbacks from both pool operator and pool user viewpoints.


Salt Chlorine Generators

Of particular interest, lately has been the Salt Chlorine Generators. This technology is employed by the ever popular salt-water pool system where salt is put into the swimming pool then run through a salt chlorinator cell where electrodes separate the chloride in the salt molecule to create a pure chlorine product that sanitizes the pool.

Chlorine produced from salt water pool generators is additive free and causes far less irritation and adverse health effects for most users, and is considered by many to be a large improvement over standard chlorination. The drawback is that you are swimming in salty water that can be corrosive to the pool and more importantly conducts electricity far better than pure water alone. Stray electrical currents can not only erode and damage metal parts of the pool; they can become deadly!  See “Father dies in Pool.

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New Chlorine Generator TECHNOLOGIES

Another salt generator technology gaining popularity is The Chlorine Genie Chlorine Generator. This system isolates the salt chlorine generator cell and salt “brine tank” from the pool and eliminates the big salt water pool problems many associates with salt in the pool systems.


Bromine systems offer a sanitizing ingredient more stable than chlorine and tend to sanitize for longer than chlorine, but it is a weaker oxidant overall. Bromine is also expensive, and the smell of bromine is hard to eliminate.

Ozone Systems

Ozone provides a strong oxidizer but ozone pool systems are usually not sufficient alone to sanitize most pool applications. It is often employed additionally with other sanitizing measures to create adequate sanitation.

Ionizer SystemsPool systems

Ionizers run an electrical current through metals such as copper and silver to release minute amounts of these materials (ions) into the pool water. Copper-silver ions go to work as an algaecide and also as an antibiotic and can significantly reduce (up to 80%) the need for other oxidizing chemicals such as chlorine and bromine. Ionizers alone do not provide enough protection on their own to protect large swimming pools, but their addition to a sanitation system such as chlorine or bromine can severely reduce the demand for these often irritating pool sanitizers.

Promising New Pool Systemschlorinator pool system

Systems like the Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System employ both Chlorine Generator Technology and Copper Silver Ionization for what may be the best of both worlds. No salt goes into the pool and the need for pure chlorine is reduced by copper-silver ionization producing a mostly chemical free swim experience.

In Conclusion

These are just a few of the considerations you may want to think about when considering the right program for your boarding school experience or even for your pool swimming experience. With all the health concerns about long-term pool water exposure surfacing, it would seem prudent to consider health options when it comes to our swimming education. Standard chlorination appears to be a growing concern; the jury is still out on saltwater methods, but systems like the Chlorine Genie Chlorine Generator with Copper Silver Ions show promise for optimal sanitation coverage with limited exposure to hazardous chemicals.